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Brexit : Insights for the Real Estate Sector in the USA

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Brexit : Five Key Insights for the global Real Estate sector

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FCA data reveals 5,500 UK Companies ‎make use of passporting rules

Brexit continues to be omnipresent. From British Airways’ Business Life (September 2016 p. 11-12, “Post Brexit, Brand Britain must show […] Read more

Brexit and China: a mountain to climb?

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Greece’s financial systems have been tightly monitored by the institutions – once called the Troika – of ECB, IMF and […] Read more

Brexit: opportunities for smaller overseas banks

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Brexit: the resilience of the infrastructure sector

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Ifs and Buts

The Brexit debate last week was overshadowed by Theresa May becoming the UK’s new Prime Minister and some of her […] Read more

Italian banking – a Brexit-fueled calamity

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Feeling the effects of Brexit

It’s two weeks since the Brexit Referendum and it’s fair to say that its consequences are already being felt. At […] Read more