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European Insurers’ IFRS 9 Benchmark Study

The new standard IFRS 9 on financial instruments has been effective starting 1st January 2018 for most entities but insurance […] Read more

Quantified impacts of IFRS 9 : initial findings

At the end of February 2018, all the major European banks published information on the impact of the implementation of […] Read more

Podcast: Implications of Banks Implementing IFRS 9

Greg Simpson, Head of Banking UK and banking experts Paul Hodgett and Pierre Latrobe discuss the implications of IFRS9, more […] Read more

IFRS 9 new provisioning and the phase-in period of regulatory capital: a discretionary approach

In about nine months, IFRS 9 will replace IAS 39 and the new accounting environment won’t be the only element […] Read more

EBA opinion on IFRS 9 and the impact on regulatory capital

After the Basel Committee consultation in October and then the European Commission’s legislative proposal of the package CRR II / […] Read more

The management of regulatory capital following the transition to IFRS 9

On 1 January 2018, banks applying IFRSs move into a new era with the implementation of IFRS 9 on financial […] Read more