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FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard Applied by Life Insurers – a Few Practical Considerations

Within the insurance industry, automatic exchange of information under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard […] Read more

SFCR: Review of narrative reports, good practices and EIOPA recommendations

The Solvency II Directive increases the requirements for transparency vis-à-vis both the regulatory authorities and the stakeholders, including policyholders, financial […] Read more

Ultimate Forward Rate (UFR): Why we are seeing a change to the rate curve

On 6 February 2018, EIOPA published its latest risk-free interest rate curve to be taken into account for the purposes […] Read more

New regulatory requirements for insurance companies – focus on Germany

Because of its importance in society, the insurance industry has always faced a considerable amount of regulatory requirements at the […] Read more

Digital transformation and integration with Enterprise Risk Management

Digital transformation has expanded the need for security, continuity and resilience. Today’s business must embrace an enterprise risk management strategy […] Read more

A sector undergoing transformation – changes in insurance companies’ business models

In the financial industry in general and the insurance sector in particular, traditional business models are increasingly coming under pressure […] Read more

From Surrey to Sofia – making insurance a key driver in the race for better road safety

I was recently invited to speak at the 25th birthday conference of the Bulgarian Insurance Association in Sofia.  The request […] Read more

An interview with Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC : Embracing and enabling insurance disruption

As chief risk officer and executive committee member of Atlas Insurance PCC, Ian-Edward Stafrace is passionate about effective enterprise risk […] Read more

How insurers can make sense of risk

With Solvency II fully in force, the insurance industry has entered a new phase of transformational development. For many insurance […] Read more

Challenges Facing the Insurance Sector : An Interview with AXA Group’s CFO Gérald Harlin

Since 2010, Gérald Harlin has been Group Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since July […] Read more