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Brexit Watch #5: Brexit Extension – How are the Regulators Reacting?

During a meeting of the Special European Council on the 10 April 2019, EU leaders agreed to a flexible Brexit […] Read more

Brexit Watch #3: countdown is on

Following a majority vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 15 January 2019, and with only 3 weeks until the […] Read more

PSD2 supersedes PSD1 on 13 January 2018: comply with the minimum requirements or embrace the future?

PSD2 will supersede PSD1 on 13 January 2018, retaining key benefits from PSD1 such as increased competition with facilitated market […] Read more

From Surrey to Sofia – making insurance a key driver in the race for better road safety

I was recently invited to speak at the 25th birthday conference of the Bulgarian Insurance Association in Sofia.  The request […] Read more

The Clock is Ticking

In August 2017, S&P Global Market Intelligence published an analysis of where banks will set up their European hubs. Germany, […] Read more

Brexit : Insights for the Real Estate Sector in the UK

Following the UK’s landmark referendum decision to leave the European Union, real estate investors have been dealing with the push […] Read more

FCA data reveals 5,500 UK Companies ‎make use of passporting rules

Brexit continues to be omnipresent. From British Airways’ Business Life (September 2016 p. 11-12, “Post Brexit, Brand Britain must show […] Read more

PSD2, FinTechs and Brexit: The Wider Implications

UK Banks are already gearing up for the introduction of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that comes into force […] Read more