EU regulatory framework on the establishment of the digital euro: from investigation to realisation

With the approaching end of the investigation phase of the ECB’s digital euro project in October 2023, and the expectance of a decision on starting a realisation phase by the end of this year, the pros and cons of a...

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In a post-SVB world, what should tech firms do now for banking?

The collapse of SVB and other banks serving Silicon Valley has been shocking and swift. What are the future implications? Should we be worried about this vital sector?

Global data: is it time for the financial services sector to take stock?

Continuing Covid-19 uncertainty and more recent geopolitical unrest in Europe may not seem the perfect time for the financial services sector to take stock of its data strategy. However, with data now acknowledged as a critical ingredient for future growth, analysing data maturity levels can provide essential signposts for financial services leaders looking to reach their data maturity potential.

How CARF, MiCA, and DAC8 will impact tax transparency in relation to the WEB 3 and other recent web developments

The development of new web communication systems such as WEB3 is making it very difficult for tax authorities to trace taxable transactions. However, measures proposed by the OECD and the European Union aim to provide a framework that will permit traceability of tax transactions.