Managing tomorrow’s banking risks

While the banking sector has shown resilience over recent years, the economic environment and geopolitical situation remain tense. So, what does this mean for risks to the banking sector? More specifically, what is the impact on capital requirements for banks...

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In a post-SVB world, what should tech firms do now for banking?

The collapse of SVB and other banks serving Silicon Valley has been shocking and swift. What are the future implications? Should we be worried about this vital sector?

How insurance can mitigate risks of cyber attacks

Everyone can be a target of cyber attacks, from large corporations and government institutions to small businesses and individuals. With the threat increasing, insurers have developed products for businesses to provide protection – in fact, cyber is one of the fastest growing lines of business for insurers.

How CARF, MiCA, and DAC8 will impact tax transparency in relation to the WEB 3 and other recent web developments

The development of new web communication systems such as WEB3 is making it very difficult for tax authorities to trace taxable transactions. However, measures proposed by the OECD and the European Union aim to provide a framework that will permit traceability of tax transactions.