Five steps to transforming banking operating models

With the current ultra-low interest rate environment and market volatility having a negative impact on banks’ returns and, ultimately, their capital positions, operating models must quickly adapt and become more cost-efficient to maintain profitability. This drive for cost-efficiency has become...

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Mazars' study captures progress on sustainable finance

The performance of banks on sustainability has come under increasing scrutiny from society. This trend must be understood in the context of a worldwide mobilisation to tackle climate risks and ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues, with individual countries taking decisive actions.

C-suite 2020: Financial services insight

The financial services sector has been at the centre of efforts to resist, and later recover from, the commercial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tackling financial services cyber risks in Africa

As cyber capabilities grow, so too do the risks. In March 2021, Mazars sponsored the Africa Financial Industry Summit and moderated a business case on how to address existing and upcoming fraud and cyber risks that increasingly threaten the financial services sector in Africa.