Sustainability and climate risk: what can banks expect?

The growing importance of sustainability issues and the role of credit institutions in financing transformation places climate and environmental risks at the core of regulatory and supervisory scrutiny today. For some years now, the Network for Greening the Financial System...

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Getting granular on emissions disclosure

Banks are adopting risk management practices that account for climate-related risks in response to growing recognition that climate change negatively impacts operations and revenues.

The case for improving sustainability disclosures

Developing innovative products and harmonised frameworks across banking activities is crucial to achieving sustainable finance objectives and contributing to global transition targets. Yet, a lack of standardised reporting frameworks means identifying and comparing sustainable products and services remains a challenge.

Tackling financial services cyber risks in Africa

As cyber capabilities grow, so too do the risks. In March 2021, Mazars sponsored the Africa Financial Industry Summit and moderated a business case on how to address existing and upcoming fraud and cyber risks that increasingly threaten the financial services sector in Africa.